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CCDA Rules

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1 CCDA Rules on Sun Dec 25, 2016 6:30 pm

Gabriel Capetitini

Mayhem Official
Forum Rules:

PLEASE!!! Respect all students and staff this includes the respect of all Founder and Admin Decisions made by the team please do not argue or go against the word of an Admin and myself.

*The linking of Any Academy is strictly prohibited unless given Founder/Admin approval inside the chatbox.
*Recruiting for another academy is strictly prohibited.
*No Spamming, advertising links, or clickbait posts made throughout the forum.
*No Disrespecting students or staff member (This being categorized as malicious, bullying, and sending death threats to an academy user or staff) In the event an Admin/Moderator or just staff in general is being disrespectful please contact another Admin/Founder ASAP(screen shoot proof would be helpful, as proof)
*The use of Porn/hentai pictures are strictly prohibited please do not have any type of these pictures set as your profile or signature.
*Alternate accounts or Account sharing is not allowed anywhere here at CCDA and will result in disciplinary actions being taken.
*Do not beg to be promoted staff or given privileges to yourself or anyone else, work hard and apply for staff don't beg for it.
*Do not question/argue with Founder, Admin, or Moderator decision unless caught being (Abusive, Disrespectful, Discriminating, and Harming another user)
*No spam users names consisting of multiple numbers or ANY!!! Symbols exceeding the 4 digit mark and username with to many numbers will result in a name change, example: STEVEN4341341056%(#@
*No offensive or disrespectful user names will be tolerated any troll/malicious/and disrespectful usernames will be renamed immediately by the admin team.
*Student and Staff are unable to purchase items in the point shop for other players no point sharing is allowed period.*
*Double Posting is also not allowed, and it is advised you delete it asap(As soon as possible)

Breaking Forum code:
1st Written/PM related warning sent by an Admin/Moderator
2nd Topic Deletion
3rd User Banned from the forum (Temporary, Account, IP Ban may follow)

ChatBox Rules:

1. Excessive Spamming:
- No spamming the chatbox with inconsistent entries/messages.

2. Advertising:
- No Advertising in the Chatbox whatsoever unless it is an academy that is legally affiliated with GXDA.

3. Coding:
- No BBCode other than Spoilers and/or Quotes.

4. Disrespecting Staff/Members:
- No disrespecting Staff or another member of the academy.
- Criticizing a Staff/Members decision is not acceptable it it leads to a, "civil war" in the worst case scenario in the chatbox
- Not Tolerated, can lead to a result in temporary Ban in the worst case scenario

5. Politics/Religion:
- No Talking about politics or religion or other sensitive topics (at highest power's discretion) unless admin/moderator/staff member approves, unless it is leading to, "WW3" in which the chatbox will be cleared with a 1st warning, and no further topics shall arise again. If this continues, it can lead the users involved to a kick/ban.

6. Alternate Forms of Communication:
- Means of voice communications, will be provided by CCDA, through Applications, such as Skype, Discord, Curse in the near future.

7. No Graphic Material, this includes vulgar words, photo attachments containing adult content, etc.

Chatbox Order for Banning:
1st Written Warning
2nd Kick from the chatbox (cool off a bit)
3rd Ban from the chatbox (Ban will be placed under review by other admins/staff members)

Breaking Code in General/Exceptions to the current format:
1. Making alt accounts for the site and impersonating other users (IP Ban)
2. Hacking the forum or another user account (IP Ban/Forumotion Report)

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