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CCDA Testing Rubric

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1 CCDA Testing Rubric on Sun Dec 25, 2016 7:00 pm

Gabriel Capetitini

Mayhem Official

The test will consist of a Match. If the participant disconnects or Afk's for an extensive period of time(testers choice) can be docked as a loss of that Round. Screenshot is required of what you side, and your deck list in-order to determine some of the categories.
----->(recommended Screenshot techonology)

Banned decks:
Alternate Win Condition | Burn | Mill

List of people eligible for testing:
Chaos Directors
Mayhem Officials
Any other Staff Member/etc...

Duel Location:
( YGOPro, Devpro etc. )

Tester Deck: ?
Testee Deck: ?

Duel Control: /20
(How well did your opponent fair in the match?)

Match Results: /20

Win/Loss Ratio

Duelist Skill(Based on play style) /15

Rulings: /10 ( Any noticeable mistakes with card rulings during the duel.)

Deck Construction: /20 (Judges the necessary means for a fluent deck such as a 40 card main deck, side deck, and extra deck, also making sure that each card is consistent with the type of built deck. This will make up a massive part of your grade.)

Siding: /15

Awareness: /10

Misplays: /? (If any misplays are found they must be recorded and docked 5 pts.)

Response: /10 (Testee ability to respond to situations on the field.)

Attitude: /10

Overall Skill: /10
2-4-6-8-10 (Based on how well the tester thought you did)

Bonus Points: /10 (Testers Choice, "wink wink,"BE NICE" wink wink)

Final Score: /140
(Please use a calculator for scoring.)
Destructive Yellow= 1-70
Deadly Green= 71-99
Chaotic Red= 100-130
Enlightened Purple= 131-140
Pro-Circuit = 140/140

Congratulations, Welcome to ?

Note in order to gain access into the Pro-Circuit you must score at least 140 or higher to be able to gain access.(Perfect/or greater than perfect). Upon achieving a score of 140 or 140+, the duelist will be put through 3 more single duels with admins/staff members, in order to determine whether your admission into the Pro-Circuit is finalized(Best 2 out of 3) Remember winning these 3 games doesn't guarantee your spot, it is in the testers opinion whether they will accept you or not, but winning will give you a boost to that acceptance. If in the circumstances that he/she is to fail his Pro-Circuit acceptance duels, he/she will be placed in Enlightenment Purple, and be given another shot at redemption(only once) at any time she wishes to retest. Note that if you fail twice, you will have to redo your dorm test, and this can result in you having either be demoted or promoted to the Pro-Circuit acceptance trials again. Good luck to those who are accepted into the Pro-Circuit Acceptance Tests.

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